With respect to the producer’s efforts, and with passion for the culinary enjoyment and enthusiasm in presenting the food traditional products, we collect the best, the most delicious, and unique traditional foods from across the Epirus region of Greece and beyond, and we offer them to you in a special, warm, welcoming area, our shop, the space, of your mantzato!

Our products cover the full range of foods from traditional sweets, cheeses, jams, teas, mushrooms, wines, etc., associated with other foods of daily use such as quality nuts, candies, aromatic coffee, chocolates and others. All our foods, in combination or alone, offer you an unforgettable, unique, Mediterranean taste which comes from the old, tasteful days of the local handmade food products and recipes adapted to yours today’s and tomorrow’s needs for unknown, hidden, traveling experiences.

For those of you who honor us with your visit to our shop, we are obliged to offer you a space to relax, enjoy, and rest, away from everyday life, overlooking the city of Ioannina, in one particular corner, our café in the loft of our shop, your own, real mantzato.

Design by Diafimistiki STAMOS

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