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The Mantzato was a casual living room in Epirus old houses.

It was neither the formal living room nor the kitchen. It was a multi-functional room where the family would gather around the fireplace in the evenings; children would do their homework, adults would chat or do the housework, friends would pay a visit and the radio with a white embroidery on it would play in the background.

In our Mantzato... Find out all about forgotten or even unknown aspects of the Epirus daily routine, recorded in the subconscious and sought deep inside the heart! Recall vague smell and taste memories created in this rough but generous land!

Experience a sweet escape in the past, right in the city centre! Grab the opportunity to get together and relax while enjoying our products in our cozy upstairs café, just like the good old days!

Created with love and care, our store offers... A wide variety of beverages such as freshly-ground coffee, aromatic teas, local wines and tsipouro, the most popular traditional drink of the region of Epirus. A considerable selection of Greek herbs, dried fruit, nuts and spices.

Numerous local delicacies such as baklava, homemade marmelade, loukoumi, nougat pie. Traditional homemade pasta (trachanas and chylopites)

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